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    Guangdong Hainan Airlines 1250t ~ 4000t three head tractor
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    1250t ~ 4000t three head tractor

    It is composed of two sets of tractor heads and a set of synchronous saw;

    The design structure of tractor trolley is fashionable, atmospheric and solid;

    The two sets of tractors with the same function can traction alternately to improve the return speed and traction speed;

    This machine breaks through the non handover traction, eliminates the vibration lines, prevents the deformation of aluminum material, and improves the production efficiency and yield of products;

    Servo motor and server control three sets of traction trolley;

    The dual hydraulic system controls the functions of pressing claw and swinging arm of two sets of traction trolley, and the operation is stable and reliable;

    The whole set of three head tractor can work 24 hours without interruption;

    All actions of the tractor are automatic, no manual operation is required, so it is safe and reliable.

    Applicable extruder model (1250t ~ 4000t)

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