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    Brief introduction of Guangdong Hainan Airlines 1000-1800t single tractor
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    Design of new main and auxiliary tracks. The main rail positioning and auxiliary rail guiding make the car body friction resistance smaller and travel more smoothly

    The first mock exam is to create a multi legged claw, which can grasp single or multiple profiles at the same time, and produce sawing and cutting with multiple or one material. The operation is stable and reliable.

    The most advanced control system is adopted to eliminate vibration marks, prevent aluminum deformation, and improve the production efficiency and yield of products;

    Servo motor and servo control the traction car to move;

    The whole set of single tractor can work 24 hours without interruption;

    All actions of the tractor are automatic, no manual operation is required, so it is safe and reliable.

    Applicable extruder model (1000t ~ 1800t)

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