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    Traction machine manufacturing expert -- Foshan Jinhan Yuehai Aviation Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
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    Standing at the head of the year, looking back to the future, Foshan Jinhan yuehaihang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has gone through an extraordinary year after year. The strong face the crisis, the wise seize the opportunity. With the excellent concept, sacred mission and noble spirit, Jinhan Yuehai Aviation Machinery Co., Ltd. plays a strong voice in supporting machinery and equipment industry of aluminum profile production line with confidence and grace.

    The company is located in the South China Sea aluminum Machinery Co., Ltd. At present, the company's core products include aluminum profile tractor, aluminum profile interrupt saw, aluminum profile straightening machine, etc. at the same time, the company's business scope extends to aluminum profile mechanical transformation and equipment installation, providing customers with a perfect one-stop service.

    With years of dedication and mature technology in the field of aluminum profile supporting machinery and equipment, the company has formed a core competitive advantage with strong technical force, strong machining ability and meticulous market service. In the process of development, the company has been maintaining close communication and cooperation with a number of aluminum profile research institutions at home and abroad, promoting the rapid rise of Guangdong Haihang machinery in the field of aluminum profile supporting machinery and equipment.

    The company has a high-tech, stable staff to lay the product quality advantage, has a complete management system and operation system to promote the development of the enterprise; has advanced management mode and fine tradition, fine molding enterprise culture, excellent quality to exceed customer expectations is the company's constant business principles.

    The company has been dedicated to providing excellent service for customers, relying on flexible and experienced management team and close operation structure, so that the company has the ability to foresee and quickly respond to the needs of customers. The company has perfect technical support ability, including operation training and daily maintenance for employees.

    Foshan Jinhan yuehaihang machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. has a group of high-quality technical research and development personnel and professional and efficient management team, which effectively ensures the company's external commitment and thoughtful and timely service, and ensures the long-term sustainable development of the company's business.

    Development depends on strategy, strategy focuses on ideas, and ideas come from culture. Innovation has always been a high core concept of the company's development, leading Guangdong Haihang machinery to create one industry after another innovation! With the "concept, mission, spirit" of color and color, Guangdong Haihang machinery in the "leading brand" road, will continue to be committed to providing customers with advanced technology aluminum profile matching machinery and equipment!

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