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    Growth · Fulfilling the goal
    Grow creates future
    • 2009

      In 2009, Mr. Guan Canbin, the founder of the company, estabilished Yuehang Machinery Co., Ltd, developed and produced the first generation aluminum profiles single traction machines and aluminum double tractors,  automation  equipment for aluminum profile production line,which opens the history of the development of Yuehang.

    • 2012

      In 2012, under the leadership of the founder, Mr. Guan Canbin, the factory team applied for the invention patent of "a tractor". We registered Foshan Jinhan YueHaiHang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2013, and relocated to Nanhai District, Songgang, Tanglian Industrial Park, Foshan.

    • 2014

      In February 2014, the order of 1000T single tractor was signed with Indonesia ALCA Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. In May, it signed a 1800T heavy double tractor contract with Malaysia Jia Di Aluminum Co., Ltd. And the containers were sent out in April and September of the same year. "Yuehang machinery" successfully went out of China and entered into Southeast Asian market.

    • 2015

      In June 2015, Yuehang machinery took the lead in the introduction of Japan's original yaskawa welding machine. In May of the same year, Yuehang took part in the new workshop equipment bidding project of Shandong kemet new materials Co., Ltd., and won the bid successfully.

    • 2016

      The second generation of Yuehang three-heads tractor started mass production in 2017, In the same year, 5 offices were opened up in the country,they are Hubei Daye office, Chengdu Meishan office, Jiangsu Jiangyin office, Shandong Linyi office and Jiangxi Nanchang Office. In December 2017, Yuehang became a member enterprise of Foshan Nanhai Aluminum Profile Industry Association (Nanhai Dali aluminum material).

    • 2018

       In 2018, Yuehang was successfully recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. Meanwhile, the third generation of Yuehang three-heads tractor (Pure electric control type) started mass production. To solve the problem of excessive speed of aluminum extrusion press for the customer,  to meet customer's technical requirements of mutil-holes die, to improve the efficiency of aluminum extrusion and yield. Pure electric control traction machine keeping low failure rate and easy to maintenance.

      In 2018,Yuehang reorganized the "Xingqiao extrusion press" company and renamed it "Foshan New Bridge New Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd."

    • 2020

      In 2020, Yuehang leads the team to independently research and develop intelligent production line of aluminum extrusion.