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    Foshan Jinhan Yuehaihang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, is located in high-tech intensive chinese well-know production base of aluminum profile--Nanhai, Guangdong . Our company is specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of supporting equipment of aluminum profile production lines. At present, the company's core products are aluminum profile intelligent puller, intelligent aluminum extrusion production line, three-head puller, hot saw and other aluminum profile automation production machine and equipment.

    The company hold a strong independent research and development strength, Providing with several national design patents and invent patents. It has an elite R&D team for high-tech product, which laid the quality advantage of the product. Yuehang has a perfect management system and operation system which could be able to promote the development of enterprises quickly; advanced business management concepts and fine tradition of fine enterprise culture. The company's consistent operating standards is to exceed customer expectations with excellent quality.

    Yuehang machines have been well sold in china market as well as exported to the regions of Central Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. we have been bombarded with positive feedback from our client and highly recognized by any manufacturers of aluminum profiles.

    The business philosophy of “profession creates value, innovation makes the future” has always been the paramount of the company's development strategy. Yuehang machinery will continue to be committed to providing customers with technologically advanced aluminum profile supporting automation equipment, and make unremitting efforts to become a leading brand in the industry!

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    Brand idea

    • Commitment

      Yuehang Machinery is an equipment enterprise in the aluminum profile industry that is constantly pursuing innovation and has always been adhering to the design concepts of leading technology, high-quality and high-performance to create a leading model in the industry. It provides services for well-known aluminum profile production enterprises at home and abroad.

    • Tenet

      It is our consistent tenet to achieve quality first of all our products with considerate services. We focus on technical improvement, win high reputation with excellent quality and maintain continuous and steady business growth.

    • Idea

      “Witnessing the future with integrity” is the commitment made by Yuehang Machinery. “Pursuing innovation, high quality and focusing on services” is the development philosophy of Yuehang Machinery.